Performances and Lecture Demonstrations


Our taiko group is available for performances for a small stipend to cover equipment transporting and other incidental expenses.

Our performances can include audience participation and Shigin (Japanese singing poetry).

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If you are looking for Okinawan Dance, Shodo, Shigin, and Chado, we would be happy to provide contact info for groups we have collaborated with. Just send us a request by email.

Weekends are best. During the week some evenings are available and some week days are possible but more difficult. Please contact us early to discuss your event as dates fill up fast.

Lecture Demonstrations

Includes educational information such as:

Lecture demonstrations can include hands-on and can be done at a child or adult level. This does include a basic demonstration of a performance number.


Small stipend to cover transportation and other incidental costs.

NOTE: Performance & Lecture Demonstrations can be combined to suit you event needs. Please contact us to discuss your event needs. Please note that May is Asian Pacific Islander Month and our bookings fill up fast several months in advance.

Bushido Kenkyukai instructor A. L. Gallegos in Taiko performance

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